say yes, then figure out how.

Earlier this week I spent some time in Los Angeles and just north of there in breathtaking Carpinteria for a styled wedding shoot. An old friend of mine who works with a talented team at Lady Liberty Events reached out to me to see if I wanted to create a huge backdrop for them. Their vision for this photoshoot was on point. Lush Pampas grass, lots of neutrals, blush, vines, airy, light, clean, soft. The centerpiece of this design was to be a 12'x12' "marble" backdrop.

When asked if I could pull something like this off, I of course said YES! 

But I hung up the phone and thought, "shit." 

After a week or so of practicing on small canvases the kinds of marbled brushstrokes that I hoped would translate onto a larger scale, it was finally time to execute. 

I rented space at my nearby yoga studio to use their big wood floor as a surface to lay out my material. The synthetic fabric that I found was among the faux leathers at the fabric shop, and it had enough weight to it and just enough shine that I thought it could make a nice flat surface to photograph as marble. Since fabric only comes so wide, I had to buy three panels to hang next to each other. I had done this kind of backdrop before for a wedding at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum last year, so I was mildly confident. Still, I was functioning at a state of subtle panic just praying that this could look alright. 

And ya know what? It fuckin did.  Thankfully, it worked out. And on the day of the shoot as I started to hang the panels and pin them together (so they would hold taught) I finally had some relief. There was a little tiny applause in my heart, that perhaps I pulled it off. 

Now on to the next project, for more of those little waves of subtle panic and tiny applause (hopefully).