I'm pretty excited to have forced myself to start a 100 day project of drawing in my journal. I bought a new journal specifically for this purpose, and have kept on track with the exception of a couple days so far. The couple of days I didn't draw in my journal, I was really productive printing instead, so i dont feel too bad about it.. plus, i have since made it up so that i'll ultimately have 100 drawings within 100 days. I can already sense that there are elements of this project i'll want to be able to reflect back on- realizations and lessons that are revealed through the reflective process of art making. i'm seeing how my work is affected by my mood, but also how forcing myself to draw each day and make something really can create emotional/mental shifts. i'm not always one for a lot of words, but I do really like to share images. and sometimes those images need a little context, or there may be a bigger story behind something. and sometimes not. but in any case it will all be here. thanks for following along.