some days it flows freely. i can feel the vibrancy of life around me, and images come forth easily and in a pleasing sort of way. i'm satisfied with myself. then, as soon as i realize it, i will at some point feel that sense of fear creepin in. "ok, it's looking good now.. i dont want to mess it up." and right then i've totally missed the whole point. there are no mistakes, especially in this process of journal drawing. but this 100 day project is revealing to me that reflective aspect of art making that i love so much. the attitudes that drive me (or stall me) in the creative process are present throughout everything i do, as everything is really a creative process. so, i force myself to make another mark on the page (sure that i've fucked it up now) i forge onward. and then eventually, i've worked through that sort of uncertain and awkward part of the process until i can see again that this drawing has been recovered. it's still quite pleasing to me, and hey, i didn't mess everything up.