say yes, then figure out how.

Earlier this week I spent some time in Los Angeles and just north of there in breathtaking Carpinteria for a styled wedding shoot. An old friend of mine who works with a talented team at Lady Liberty Events reached out to me to see if I wanted to create a huge backdrop for them. Their vision for this photoshoot was on point. Lush Pampas grass, lots of neutrals, blush, vines, airy, light, clean, soft. The centerpiece of this design was to be a 12'x12' "marble" backdrop.

When asked if I could pull something like this off, I of course said YES! 

But I hung up the phone and thought, "shit." 

After a week or so of practicing on small canvases the kinds of marbled brushstrokes that I hoped would translate onto a larger scale, it was finally time to execute. 

I rented space at my nearby yoga studio to use their big wood floor as a surface to lay out my material. The synthetic fabric that I found was among the faux leathers at the fabric shop, and it had enough weight to it and just enough shine that I thought it could make a nice flat surface to photograph as marble. Since fabric only comes so wide, I had to buy three panels to hang next to each other. I had done this kind of backdrop before for a wedding at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum last year, so I was mildly confident. Still, I was functioning at a state of subtle panic just praying that this could look alright. 

And ya know what? It fuckin did.  Thankfully, it worked out. And on the day of the shoot as I started to hang the panels and pin them together (so they would hold taught) I finally had some relief. There was a little tiny applause in my heart, that perhaps I pulled it off. 

Now on to the next project, for more of those little waves of subtle panic and tiny applause (hopefully).  

Colorful Update!

The last two months have been a complete exploration, pushing my skills and my energy expenditure, as I have spent every spare minute devoted to developing a line of Very Adult Coloring Books. I am super excited with how the first book turned out and how people have been responding. The last few weeks I've received orders from complete strangers all over the U.S.! woot woot!
I am learning so dang much right now, everything from physical paper qualities, to SEO, to playing with different marketing and advertising strategies. 

One major lesson I am internalizing from this whole project is that none of us can do it alone. The enthusiasm of my community and emergence of hidden helpful skills from my friends is overwhelming. I'm feeling really grateful for good people around me. Trying to memorize how significant it feels to ask for help when I am needing help, and to see that people are excited and willing.  

Now you too, go forth, try new things, and ask for help when you need it!

san diego made

The San Diego Made Market in Barrio Logan this holiday season was out of control awesome. I had so much fun set up next to SoCal Candle Co and all of their amazing scents. Kiddy corner from the most beautiful and unique jewelry from Housgoods. Met so many amazing folks, sold a bunch of goods, and even made some friends. Here's a pic of me on day two with very little sleep and a little too much coffee. But happy.   :D

say YES.

"Always say YES to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is NOW and always now? Surrender to what is. Say YES to life – and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you."  :: Eckhart Tolle 


The Maker's Post visit

A few weeks ago I had the awesome experience of hosting Hannah from The Maker's Post at my home studio, where we drank tea and talked about the creative process. Hannah is an awesome photographer and although I may be the most awkward person ever in front of a camera, she managed to capture this moment of me seeming somewhat comfortable. 

I'm at once fearful and really excited (!!) for the full article/interview to come out in November '15. More semi-awkward photos to follow soon!


i take inspiration from the mundane moments in life that i try so hard to literally breathe presence into. when i can, i remember to pause, and feel my breath, and it actually transforms the way i see and take in the space around me. i can sort of step out of my self for a moment, and just take in the shapes, colors, textures of my environment. here, a simple lamp shade that i found at a consignment shop launched a whole study of triangles and line-work.  also, those little striped half circles made another appearance in this days work. and the tiny ovals. tiny ovals in bulk are fun.


I got a few different books on textiles from the library and really devoured the images of kilim rugs and different southwestern weaving patterns. in order to integrate some of those images and shapes, i draw some things directly as i see them, and other shapes & patterns come about as an interpretation of that study. I had been using pinterest for a while to study images for inspiration until someone recently reminded me about using the library to find new images to study..  it was both hilarious and really sad that i'd forgotten what an incredible resource the library is, especially for some big books dense with beautiful photos. 


I can look back and see how some of the time spent in my journal has been less formal than I originally envisioned, instead treated more as a quick record of an idea I want to develop later. I'm glad for my own wide set parameters for this project, and I'm giddy for the library of images I'm creating & recreating each day.



i was so uptight with this drawing. i can see that now, and i felt it the moment my pen hit the page. i was trying to draw in such an ordered way. it felt rigid, which matched my mood that day. i was stressed out with a tough decision i had to make, feeling like there was no clear answer of what i should do.. i felt tense and tight in my body, boxed into an uncomfortable situation. as soon as i started to draw, i felt my markings were also tight and boxed in. it wasn't until i spilled some water on the page that i actually loosened the f up and remembered i dont hafta worry so much! sometimes there is no right answer and that is okay! this drawing reminded me to chill the f out sometimes and quit being control freak.


labor day weekend my manfriend and i drove north toward central california where he is from. we spent the long weekend with his folks, and enjoyed the slow pace of country livin.
they live in a rural, agricultural area with lots of open space to hike and pick wild flowers. so that's just what we did. i love the shapes and colors of chaparral plants. i've always been really drawn to old scientific drawings of flora & fauna, so i tried to do my own little study of this plant. and then made a little shrine moment with all the sages and manzanita and little dry flowers i had collected.


it is seriously unprofound and slightly uninspired, but it required a boat load of perseverance to color each of those lines in so perfectly black. i'm pretty sure this is the drawing that drained my pen of all its ink, as i shortly thereafter had to toss it. not sure if i've ever kept track of a single pen long enough to use its full supply of ink, but now i have. and this little line drawing is why that pen died. it was only day 4 of 100.. i wonder how many more pens i'll gobble up with this project. 


i love these little flowers! i want to develop this one a little bit more, create a few other types of flowers, and play with it a little longer. this came forward pretty organically, looking at the beautiful cover of the book TEXTILES by Mary Schoeser.

::highly recommend it for inspiring images::


some days it flows freely. i can feel the vibrancy of life around me, and images come forth easily and in a pleasing sort of way. i'm satisfied with myself. then, as soon as i realize it, i will at some point feel that sense of fear creepin in. "ok, it's looking good now.. i dont want to mess it up." and right then i've totally missed the whole point. there are no mistakes, especially in this process of journal drawing. but this 100 day project is revealing to me that reflective aspect of art making that i love so much. the attitudes that drive me (or stall me) in the creative process are present throughout everything i do, as everything is really a creative process. so, i force myself to make another mark on the page (sure that i've fucked it up now) i forge onward. and then eventually, i've worked through that sort of uncertain and awkward part of the process until i can see again that this drawing has been recovered. it's still quite pleasing to me, and hey, i didn't mess everything up.


I'm pretty excited to have forced myself to start a 100 day project of drawing in my journal. I bought a new journal specifically for this purpose, and have kept on track with the exception of a couple days so far. The couple of days I didn't draw in my journal, I was really productive printing instead, so i dont feel too bad about it.. plus, i have since made it up so that i'll ultimately have 100 drawings within 100 days. I can already sense that there are elements of this project i'll want to be able to reflect back on- realizations and lessons that are revealed through the reflective process of art making. i'm seeing how my work is affected by my mood, but also how forcing myself to draw each day and make something really can create emotional/mental shifts. i'm not always one for a lot of words, but I do really like to share images. and sometimes those images need a little context, or there may be a bigger story behind something. and sometimes not. but in any case it will all be here. thanks for following along.