I am a Maker.

print maker. painter. sculptor. builder. designer. doer.

As an Artist and Maker living in San Diego, CA, I am influenced by the varied landscapes of the beaches, deserts, & mountains all within close reach. Nature offers endless interpretations of pattern, shape, color, and composition. I seek new scenery often, expanding my field of influence by traveling the world whenever I can. Places like Thailand, Indonesia, India, Europe, Mexico, and more, play a part in my appreciation for variable expression of art & craft around the world. I seek out techniques, textures, and materials beyond my immediate sphere so that I may constantly evolve and expand through my own work. I draw upon my own philosophical and everyday experiences to develop patterns and symbols that represent to me the most essential aspects of our humanity and nature.

Art in the most broad reaching sense is what gives value and flavor to every day.
It is the visible marks of that which is handmade and individually developed that offer relief in an otherwise mass produced world.